This Week at The Marram School - February 23, 2015

We started off the week with a service trip to Life Care Center in Valparaiso.  We made a craft with the residents, read them stories and poems and E. played a wonderful song for us on the piano.  Since we have been taking this trip monthly, the residents and students are starting to get to know one another more.

On Tuesday, we continued to prepare for the student-written and directed play.  Props were added to the stage and the students are working on memorizing their lines.  The art students continued to work on mosaics, paper mache sculptures, and woven sashes for the backdrops and props for the play.  We also had a humane education lesson where we discussed what we could do to help children who are enslaved or are child laborers in the world.  We learned about fair trade labels and Rugmark.  In the afternoon, some students worked together to build a tall tower out of the blocks and straws and connectors.  They decided it should be the John Hancock building and put the appropriate antennae on them.  This spurred them to look up other famous buildings to try to build. 

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a wonderful trip to Native Roots Farm, one of our favorite places to visit! The students set up germination tests, crushed egg shells to feed the tomatoes in the summer, put together a worm compost bin and made garden collages.  They also enjoyed some free time outside and helped feed the chickens and the goats.  They were even able to collect a few eggs.  Farmer Damien very kindly gave us an established worm composter, so now we have our own worms to feed with school compost!  Thanks, Damien!

Despite the snow and cold, we had a very active day on Thursday at Marram. We started our day off with an obstacle course in gym.  Then, the students made their own versions, which were super creative and very challenging!  We made apple bread in cooking and baking class, which we shared at our first Parent Coffee on Friday.  For math games, we learned the dot game, a simple visual strategy game.  All of the students enjoyed playing chess with our amazing chess teacher, Joe.  A few new students joined chess class and Joe patiently showed them the basics.  In between all of this, there was sewing, surveys, science experiments, pre-algebra and building!

On Friday, we had our first Parent Coffee.  It was a wonderful morning (that spilled into the afternoon) of conversations ranging from what everyone’s homeschool is like to pets to humane education. The kids happily played in the gym, activity room and at the arts and crafts table while the adults got to share stories, struggles and ideas. We are all looking forward to the next Parent Coffee in March!