This Week at The Marram School - March 9-13, 2015

On Monday we learned about how to multiply fractions through paper folding.  Some of the students challenged themselves to build a marble track as high as possible.  We continued our shading projects in art and learned about how diverse and fascinating segmented worms are in Animals class.

 On Tuesday, the students practiced shooting hoops and serving the volleyball in gym. There was a supposed visit from Pioneer Lady, as the students have named her.  According to the students’ account, Pioneer Lady supposedly taught Mary’s Humane Education lesson for her by pointing out how many positive changes have come about in the last 150+ years – from the end of slavery (in the United States, although, the students pointed out there is still slavery in other parts of the world today), to equal rights for women, to better working conditions.  Mary, who unfortunately had to take an important phone call, did not see this supposed woman in the building, and thinks this photograph is photoshopped.

 The students continued to prepare for their play and had a longer Drama class.  In art, students learned about Cezanne and still life paintings, and made their own still life with pastels.  Then, they got to enjoy the fruit at the end!  Some of them had never tried star fruit before and loved it! The day ended with some time to start a Gratitude and Peace journal.  Some of the highlights students mentioned include:

C. – I am thankful for not being as shy.

T. – I am thankful for all the great classes we have and for this whole school.

G. – I am thankful for M. listening to all of my ideas and to all of the people here who sort of understand me.

M. – I am thankful that I have really, really kind friends here.

S. – I am thankful that I have all of my lines memorized in Drama.

Z. – I am thankful that absolutely nobody here is normal.

M. – I am thankful that we picked not to be normal.  We picked to be awesome and weird.

The last two comments were met with enthusiastic agreement from everyone.  We do love how accepting our community is!

Wednesday was filled with math lessons, organizing the library shelves a bit more and enjoying a wonderful walk during recess.

Thursday we worked on algebra, played math games and baked banana bread for the Parent Coffee. We enjoyed a beautiful spring day at the park and ended it with a walk along the trail. In an experiment that appeared to not work, we ended up learning about water pressure and surface tension to explain a fascinating mystery. In History, some of the students shared their Interview project.  They chose a family member to interview, prepared questions, recorded the interview, typed up a portion of it and wrote a summary.  They put it all together in a binder complete with pictures and even some extra historical information.  It was interesting to learn about what life was like for their grandparents and great-grandparents while they were growing up and the students learned a lot from the experience. We are looking forward to a few more presentations!

On Friday we had our monthly Parent Coffee.  We had a great turn-out and everyone asked and discussed big questions regarding homeschooling.  Topics discussed ranged from having Maker activities to technology use to whether or not we should be worried if our kids are not interested in __x__ yet. Overall, I am grateful for the supportive culture we have and the sense of community that we are developing as we are all learning on this great journey.  Looking forward to next month!