This Week at The Marram School - March 16-19

We have had a busy and exciting week at The Marram School!  The week started with a service trip to The Life Care Center on Monday.  The students made a butterfly craft with the residents, read them books and played games with them.  The students had to refresh their memories about how to play games such as Go Fish and Uno again, but they had fun practicing and then playing with the residents!  Even though we are there to serve the residents, reading to the residents benefits the students, as well.  We have seen previously reluctant readers eagerly practice reading books to prepare for our trips.

During recess we enjoyed a lovely walk and spent the afternoon working on art projects, math and trying to figure out the improv part of “Linus and Lucy” on the piano.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed meeting a new volunteer teacher who will be working with the middle school book and creative writing group.  We are so thrilled to have such a wonderful teacher to learn with.  The students’ thoughts were immediately stretched as they were challenged to take their time and think critically before responding to questions. They enjoyed the new perspective and mental challenges.  Drama students were excited for the first of several dress rehearsals for the play.  In Art, students learned about Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and made posters for the night of play.

During Peace and Gratitude journal time, the students were overall excited for the play and for having such great friends and classes. One comment was from S., “I am thankful for everyone participating in this Peace and Gratitude journal because it is really nice to listen to.”

On Wednesday, we had baking day!  The students had proposed a bake sale early in the year.  They wrote it on the School Meeting agenda, discussed it as a group and voted to hold one this year.  They decided having a bake sale the night of the play would work well.  Throughout the process, students met and chose recipes, baked, and calculated how much to sell items for in order to cover the cost of the ingredients and materials.  Talk about doing a giant, purposeful math problem!  We were fortunate to have the expertise and help of Mary’s mom in the kitchen for the day!

Thursday was a packed day that ended in the culmination of months of work.  We began the day with a trip to Native Roots Farm.  Damien had wonderful activities for us.  Students learned how to prune raspberry canes and they removed hoops and row covers that were protecting greens over the winter. They learned about praying mantis cocoons and searched for them. They investigated a bee hive to try to figure out why the bees didn’t survive the winter and were lucky enough to sample some honey, too! Students worked hard to clear part of the goat pasture of fallen branches and sticks so that the goats have more room to roam and to encourage new plant growth for the goats to eat.  Of course they wanted to move the largest branches!  They engaged in constructive communication, problem solving and working together to remove their largest prize.  Who knew that you could learn so many life skills naturally from moving a large branch? They gathered all the branches and sticks in a huge pile and we then enjoyed a bonfire on a cool day.  The trip ended with a farm walk and some time to spend with the animals.

Upon returning to school, Mrs. Kristie, one of our Drama teachers, treated everyone to pizza for lunch. Thank you, Mrs. Kristie! In the afternoon, drama students had their final dress rehearsal and the rest of the students set up for the bake sale.  After receiving word of many baked donations for the sale, we discussed supply and demand. Since our supply increased, we calculated how we should adjust our prices so we wouldn’t end up with leftovers. 

The big night was exhilarating!  The students were so excited for the play and bake sale and to show others all that they have worked so hard for. The play was a student written and directed play, called The Rome Antics.  It was a mystery/comedy set in Ancient Rome about a sculptor who loses an important statue. With the help of his friends, an emperor, and a princess, they find the missing statue.  Through the process, students researched Ancient Rome; edited and revised scripts; developed acting and directing skills; created paper mache sculptures, sketches and mosaics for the background and props and wove sashes for the costumes.  The performance was wonderful!  It received laughs at the jokes and great applause at the end.  

That was not the night’s only success. A. and L. ran the Bake Sale beautifully!  They learned how to make change and tallied up what everyone bought so they would know what items to make next time. After the play, we all enjoyed a congratulations cake made by the Bake Sale Crew and families had time to visit with one another.

We are so appreciative of everyone’s help, support and encouragement!  The students were so proud of all they were empowered to accomplish.  What a beautiful and purposeful community we have created!

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