The school is run democratically through the weekly School Meeting.  All students and staff have one vote at the School Meeting.  All students and staff are invited to attend the meeting, even if it occurs on a day that they are not typically there.

Through the School Meeting, students can initiate and vote on rules affecting the school, as well as make suggestions for activities, trips and volunteer experiences.  The School Meeting allocates money for activities and crews.  Any student or staff can put an item on the agenda for the School Meeting.

Work crews and subcommittees will also give reports during the School Meeting as needed and required.

All rules and activities suggested need to comply with the school’s Mission Statement and Core Principles in order for a vote to be allowed on the topic.

The elected positions (chairperson, treasurer, secretary, judicial clerks) are held for one semester at a time.  Students may run for a second consecutive term, but then must take one year off from that position before running again.

Due to the democratic nature of our school and the core belief that as we learn and grow, we make changes accordingly, our school is an evolving one.  The core principles and beliefs will stay the same, however, each year new rules will be written, and tweaks will be made to classes, projects and procedures.  All of these changes will occur in order to provide the best possible environment for the students to learn and grow in.