Freedom to Learn

Students at our school have the freedom to choose their own path.  We provide an enriching and stimulating community, however, they choose which opportunities they would like to pursue.  Trusting them with this freedom gives them the opportunity to learn how to make decisions, plan their time, and pursue interests.  It also gives them the freedom to develop essential life skills that go beyond academics. There are minimal requirements for students attending our school, however, we count on students taking these responsibilities seriously, as our community depends on each other in order to be successful.

Serving Homeschool Students

All students at our school are homeschool students.  If you are not a homeschool family now, don’t worry, you are still welcome to attend our school.  We can help as you make the transition to becoming a homeschool family and your students can attend up to four days a week. You are responsible for providing school only on Fridays (plus a few extra days to total 180, as our school year is a bit shorter than public school). Students can attend our school from 1-4 days a week, however, we strongly recommend that they attend at least 2 days a week in order to be able to more fully participate in what our school offers.

Schedule and Classes

During the day, students will engage in a variety of activities.  Each student’s schedule will look different depending on what classes they sign up for, what projects they are pursuing and what jobs they have.  The day starts at 8:30 and we have at least a 30 minute recess each day, as well as another 15 minute opportunity to spend outside.  Students are also welcome to bring a snack each day. We will clean up and do jobs at 2:00 and pick up is at 2:30.

Students sign up for classes at the beginning of each semester and attend them at the scheduled times. In between classes, they may do a variety of activities, such as work on independent projects or studies, complete work for a subcommittee or Work Crew that they are a part of, play, watch other lessons, or work on an art project.

Jobs and Work Crews

Each student has a maintenance job to support our school.  Most of these jobs are completed at the end of the day, aside from a few that are time specific.  Students will also be a part of a Work Crew, which are non-maintenance jobs that support the school and goals of the students, such as supplies manager, landscaping and computer maintenance.  The students are responsible for fulfilling the duties of these jobs during their time here each week.


The School Meeting will take place once a week on Tuesdays.  It is the forum where students can suggest activities for the school, propose and vote on rules, and in general help to make decisions so our school is the best it can be.

Service Learning and Field Trips

Service learning projects and field trips are an integral part of our program.  Students will sign up for opportunities that they are interested in, and often part of a day will be spent participating in one of these activities.  Students can participate in any field trip or service learning opportunity that is offered, even if it is not a day they typically attend school. 

Community and Family Activities

We feel very strongly about creating a community within our school as well as involving the students in our community to serve.  We seek to build partnerships and relationships with community members and groups so we are able to connect students with resources in our community based on their interests.  Additional involvement from the community may include guest speakers, guest teachers, and the involvement of teachers-in-training.  Finally, near monthly evening family activities, such as potlucks, picnics, movie nights and game nights, will create a warm and supportive community for all of our families.