Our Mission

The Marram School is a supportive and stimulating school community that helps students develop the five foundational roots for a successful and happy life: academics, work, service, democracy and wellness.  Our engaging environment fosters critical thinking, resourcefulness, compassion, empowerment and creativity to support our students in choosing satisfying life paths and contributing to the world positively.  

Enduring Objectives

  • To provide individualized and small group academic instruction and opportunities that are guided by the interests of the students.

  • To maintain a work program that teaches responsibility and autonomy while providing opportunities to learn new skills.

  • To nurture a service program that connects students with the local community and allows them to serve in beneficial and meaningful ways.

  • To guide a democratically run School Meeting that allows students to voice their opinions and make changes that will benefit the whole school, and preserves a safe and respectful learning community for all.

  • To respect the individual development of each student and give them the time and space to pursue interests, discover passions, play and become confident in their abilities and identity.

  • To provide information and opportunities to develop healthy physical well-being through physical activities and healthy food choices.

  • To provide the resources and space to develop healthy mental and emotional well-being through creative expression, developing social relationships and balancing all aspects of life.

  • To make choices throughout our program that promote environmental awareness and advocate for our earth.

  • To foster the development of critical thinking and creative problem solving skills concerning issues of social and environmental justice.

  • To serve as an active resource for families through open communication, collaboration and community involvement for the benefit of the students.

Core Beliefs

  • We respect each student as a full human being who has the right to take their own unique path to develop and grow into the person they are born to be.

  • The democratic nature of our school empowers students to voice their thoughts, create the changes they seek and make our school the best it can be.

  • Age mixing of all students provides more opportunities for students to learn and grow compared to single-aged, teacher-led classrooms.

  • Education is something young people do for themselves, not something that is done to them. Therefore, each student is responsible for their education, service, work, well-being, and participating in the school’s democratic process.

  • A collaborative environment between staff, students, parents and community members promotes resourcefulness and a pursuit of student goals.

  • We value a quality of life that is fulfilling and enriching, and we respect and recognize the need for our students and staff to balance all activities in and out of school.

  • Students develop essential life skills such as problem solving, social abilities, communication and creativity through play.

  • Every human being is born with an innate curiosity that drives them to learn.  We have faith that our students will lead the way in their individual development without pressure and directives from others and this will foster, rather than hinder, creativity.

  • Developing academic, intellectual and reasoning skills are part of being a fully contributing member of our school and citizen of the world.  Additionally, physical, emotional and mental health and well-being help us to make clear-minded, socially conscious decisions.  Our community is stronger when we each take the individual responsibility to develop all aspects of our lives.

  • Meaningful work helps the students become more responsible as well as develop an appreciation for the work that all others do that they benefit from.  This fosters respect for the school and others and teaches the basic concept that privilege comes with responsibility.

  • Serving others in our community and environment opens our hearts to understanding others, perspective taking and developing a deep and lasting compassion that will contribute to greater peace in our world.

  • It truly takes a village to raise a child.  Many people contribute to the full growth and development of children and we value collaboration with parents and other community members to help the children reach their full potential.

  • Considering the environmental impact of our actions and making choices that revere life and the natural world is necessary for public and environmental health.

  • Diversity makes us stronger and promotes compassion and social justice.

Our Vision

The Marram School will be a positive force in the community, with students who will be engaged, responsible for their education, and empowered to make changes they seek.  They will be compassionate and intellectually robust and thrive in an active environment that they create through their democratically run school.  Our students will be creative, determined, resourceful and happy.  Our school will allow students the time and space to discover their interests and pursue their passions.  Additionally, our school will support families in their schooling journey by offering guidance when asked and honoring them as an integral part of our community.