There are many books, schools and ideas that have influenced our philosophy.  Below are just a few resources.  Check back often, as we will keep adding to the list!

We strongly recommend reading Free to Learn by Peter Gray.  His book thoroughly explains how skills for life are acquired through democratically run schools where students can pursue interests and play.  

Although we are not purely following the Sudbury School model, many aspects of our school have been inspired and influenced by their approach.  We recommend reading Free at Last, as well as visiting the Sudbury Valley School’s website to learn more about their philosophy and the research they have done to document the success of their graduates. 


  • Free to Learn – Peter Gray
  • The Power and Promise of Humane Education – Zoe Weil
  •  Free at Last: The Sudbury Valley School – Daniel Greenberg


The Child Driven Education – Sugata Mitra

This remarkable TED Talk is about an experiment showing how kids in India who had never seen computers kids learned how to use them independently.

Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson

Animated talk about the history of education and its current state.

How Schools Kill Creativity – Sir Ken Robinson

Thoughtful TED Talk about the importance of creativity and how the innate creative power of children often erodes in a traditional education model.

Bring on the Learning Revolution – Sir Ken Robinson

In this TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a revolutionary shift in our education system from standardized to individualized so that our kids can realize their dreams.

Dan Pink on Motivation – Dan Pink

Although this TED Talk deals with motivation in the business world, many of the research ideas and concepts he discusses are applicable to schools.



The Play Deficit – By Peter Gray

Peter Gray has researched and written extensively about the benefits of play.  His book and blog are also recommended on this list.  This article gives a good overview of his research about how play helps students develop the skills they need for life.

Experts Speak on Creativity and Innovation

This article is a series of quotes from professors and leaders in various industries about the importance of creativity, especially in education.

The Classroom is Obsolete – By Prakash Nair

This article highlights research about the need for our schools to be environments for collaboration in order to develop the skills needed in our time.  It does have a design focus, but gives a good overview of current research and beliefs about the most effective schools for our students.

The Development of Children Ages 6-14 – By Jacquelynne S. Eccles

A large portion of this well-documented journal article gives a detailed narrative about the development of children. The article is promoting afterschool programs, however, the ideas it touts towards the end of each section promotes age mixing, autonomy, serving the community, and developing meaningful, not authoritarian, relationships with adults as effective means to help middle-aged children and adolescents come out of these often challenging years positively.