Service learning is an important part of our school.  Service is not mandatory, however, the school encourages students to participate in giving back to their community.  We believe in cultivating an interest in and a giving heart towards our community.  We do not see ourselves as an isolated group of children and families, but as active members in our community.  Service learning not only allows us the opportunity to give to others and the earth, but often it also gives us a feeling of deep satisfaction and joy that cannot be felt through any other experience. The Service Learning program seeks to foster the value that it is our responsibility to make the world better because we lived.

The school will work to establish relationships with the community to find opportunities for students to serve in a variety of ways.  Due to the varying nature of activities and rules that organizations have, opportunities may only be open to certain age groups and at certain times of the year.

The Service Learning Crew will organize trips, report opportunities to the School Meeting, post them on the school calendar and seek to set up opportunities that the students are interested in. 

The Service Learning program will rely heavily on parent and community volunteers to transport students and oversee their work.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a service learning project that you would like us to propose at the School Meeting.