Each child is unique and the best educational approach varies greatly from student to student. At The Marram School we recognize and celebrate individual differences and allow students to pursue their interests by being the creators of their education.  By following our core beliefs of personal responsibility, democracy and compassion we empower students to take their own path and balance their personal interests with the responsibility of growing in community. To promote peaceful and purposeful lives, we offer programs covering five foundational roots for life: academics, work, service, democracy and wellness. These are our students' core responsibilities. For a quick overview of our school, take a look at our pamphlet.  Please enjoy reading more about our school and if you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

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Why The Marram School?

Our school is an enriching environment that exposes and engages students in a variety of studies and activities without the pressure and stress of standards and testing.  Our age-mixed school will allow students to learn tremendous amounts from others – by looking up to older peers, sharing interests and making projects with friends, having lively conversations during classes and debates at the School Meeting, and helping younger children.  They will be a part of an active community that transmits the values of work, responsibility and service in balance with pursuing personal endeavors and passions.  They will be a part of something larger than themselves, which will in turn help them find themselves.

Five Foundational Roots

We believe students need to learn more than academic knowledge during their school years.  They need to discover who they are and mature into well-rounded, confident adults.  By growing strong, foundational roots as students, they will become compassionate, contributing members of our world and be able to pursue their personal dreams. We provide programming and opportunities for students to develop essential foundational skills in the following Five Roots: Academics, Work, Service, Democracy and Wellness.  Please see the Foundational Roots section of our website to learn specific information about each of these areas.


The Marram School

135 Lincoln Avenue

Chesterton, IN 46304



The school is located within the Methodist Activity Center, however, we have no religious affiliation with the church.

The Marram School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or national/ethnic origin in our policies, procedures, programs, activities and services for admissions, students, and employees.