Creating a balanced, abundant and healthy life is an essential goal of the school.  Too often we get caught up in a busy world consumed with ever-increasing work weeks and stressed-filled obligations that take away from life.  Quality of life is important at The Marram School.  Standardized tests, high academic and athletic expectations and mountains of homework create stressful lives for our children in today’s world.  This teaches students that work is endless, perhaps drudgery, and that work and organized activities are more important than time with friends, eating dinner as a family and cultivating personal passions.  We hope that our students have a high quality of life while at school and that they realize that work should be fulfilling, that extracurriculars should be fun and rejuvenating, and that time alone and with family and friends deserves to be a priority in life. Our goal is that they develop the life skill of balancing work, service and their passions with their personal time and relationships. 

Wellness is a central Root in our school because we firmly believe that development of the full person is essential to their success in life.  The time students devote to discretionary pursuits will help them develop the valuable and transferrable skills that future employers will be looking for: creativity, problem solving abilities, communication skills, initiative and confidence.  Being a healthy person not only adds to the quality of life of the student, but also those around them, including those in future work environments. Being healthy helps them to take the bumps of life in stride and use their strong creative and problem solving skills to quickly learn and adapt to ever-changing situations.

Discretionary pursuits that contribute to the wellness of students will vary from student to student.  They can include working on art and craft projects, listening in on a class they are not enrolled in, baking, playing a game in the gym or a board game, writing in their journals, helping a friend, playing Legos, conducting experiments, having lively conversations with others, plunging into a topic of interest for research or a project they have an idea for.  As long as these pursuits follow school rules and the school mission and do not prevent students from fulfilling their work and academic responsibilities, they are allowed.

Giving the students the license to include discretionary activities in their time at The Marram School will help them to be healthy, creative, resourceful and confident. The following is a break-down of these aspects of Wellness that our students will have the opportunity to develop during their time here.  Possible activities as well as the freedoms inherent in the structure of our school that would support students in accomplishing each area of Wellness are listed.



A healthy mind and body are important to be able to take full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities in life. 

  • Physical – outdoor play, games, yoga, healthy diets/cooking
  • Mental – quiet time, being creative, journaling
  • Emotional – interpersonal communications and relationships, developing self-confidence through play, conversation and personal goals
  • Social – play, friendships, conversations, helping others, asking for help


Resourcefulness and Initiative

Developing the confidence to take advantage of resources leads to the ability to launch new information into action and problem solve when bumps are encountered.

  • Knowing resources that are available (staff, classes, job shadowing, speakers, information navigation) and having the ability to take advantage of them
  • The ability to suggest classes and introduce topics through the School Meeting
  • Participating in elected positions or subcommittees and work crews
  • Having the freedom to try ideas out, fail and try again
  • Being trusted to learn, grow and develop the skills for life



Children and adolescents are infinitely creative.  Creativity promotes communication and problem solving skills, critical thinking, perspective taking and analysis, which are skills necessary for any path in life they choose.

  • Arts, crafts, creative writing, music, drama
  • Building, constructing, creative problem solving through play
  • Conceiving an idea and having the time to use the resources available and skills developed to bring it into reality