Work is an integral part to the functioning of the school.  Since this is an environment for the students, they need to share in the responsibility of maintaining the school and supplies.  Not only will work help the students become more responsible with their own duties, but they will develop an appreciation for the work that all others do that they benefit from.  This fosters respect for the school and others.  The work program teaches the basic concept that with privilege, comes responsibility. Work crews also give students the opportunity to develop their ideas into reality, through such crews as field trip crew or café crew.

Everyone has two jobs to support the school.  One job will be a cleaning/maintenance job and the other will be a Work Crew, a specific job that is not maintenance that will help students develop a particular skill as they contribute to our community. These Crews will be founded and developed as our community grows. Students will have to apply and go through an interview process for the Work Crew they would like.  There will also be training and certification for the jobs once they are hired.